Though we often focus on versatility when selecting accessories, sometimes it pays off to select compelling, elaborate designs that have the potential to completely transform any outfit. Marchesa has always brought a sophisticated spin on things raising the bar as far as complexity and refinement are concerned and the style direction is well maintained in the fall 2012 handbag collection. Femininity with a princess-like vibe makes the designs ultra desirable and extremely hard to resist.

Elaborate embellishments with a unique twist, several types of fabric touches and different textures and a compelling style perspectives are the perfect ingredients for jaw dropping clutches and handbags with an almost uncanny ability to make women feel like goddesses. With a multitude of luxurious elements ready and exciting themes, the designs carry you in the fascinating world of opulence, luxury and edginess with a timeless appeal.

Though intricate details manage to impress through their complexity, the real stunners are definitely crystal, precious stone details and a touch of sheen which creates a festive allure being the perfect choice for creating a truly memorable focal point. We can spot intriguing color combos, alluring textures and the hard case style that seems to become a tendency for important fashion houses lately. Aside from traditionally luxurious options which aim to be stunners, the line also features more versatile yet equally alluring styles.

Exotic skin textures and the already well set out prints, gorgeous tones in classy shapes paired with lovely motifs and textural details prove more versatile without being able to become a strong focal point when intended. Whether you dream of the perfect handbag that will make you feel spectacular every time you wear it or a fun, versatile design to fill a similar role, the latest collection by Marchesa delivers fabulous options for each preference.

Photo courtesy of Marchesa