One of the most revolutionary and ingenious fashion gurus of our times managed to breathe life into ’70s glam with the help of the fabulous and vibrating color selection as well as unique tailoring patterns. The Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 handbags echo the classy and minimalist allure of the retro-inspired style tendencies. This time Marc Jacobs decided to provide ladies with a selection of wearable and all event-appropriate clutches and shoulder bags that serve as an ideal detail to complete both a casual chic as well as office style apparel.

There’s no need to pass the collection if you prepare for a special event either. Instead the load of elegance as well as the streamlined shapes and refined textures all turn these handbags into real staples to crown your evening wear or party chic appearance. Drop a glimpse on the brief insight into the most faddish pieces of the collection and spot shades and shapes that best suit your personality as well as criteria of an A-list accessory.

Small clutches were some of the dominating designs that ruled the show and the complete collection. These were the perfect means the admired designer used to create the desired classy and 70s style inspired atmosphere. These tiny accessories were paired with stylish summerish outfits.

Wide-legged pants and oversized hats in the aura of Calvin Klein as well as movies as Taxi Driver were all lined up on the catwalk further ennobled by the presence of these stylish bags. Fashionistas from all over the world will be simply thrilled to sport these voguish clutches immortalized by the use of quilted leather, chain straps as well as other refined details. Mono- as well as multi-colored handbags marked the arrival and mood of the upcoming warm season.

The color palette banished the monotony of neutral colors and helps us say goodbye to the moody winter and enhance our wardrobe with a patch of color. Taking a glimpse at the designs above will make you notice the classy and high class chromatic palette Marc Jacobs used during the creation of the handbags.

Metallic purple leather, pink, bronze, orange and fuchsia are only some of the most widely-used hues. These all embedded into the sophisticated structure of these accessories earned the collection the all time winner title. Those who would like to enrich their accessory collection with universal and classic bags should definitely consider the Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2011 collection as the perfect source of inspiration.

Photo by Robert Mitra via