I’m pretty sure every woman experience certain moments of wilderness and a “lets-be-different” attitude, just for the fun or because the need of change is do deep and strong that we just can’t fight it. It hose kind of days, more than in the regular ones, accessories play an extremely important role, as they define and underline a great idea. For those days, there’s nothing like Marc Jacobs’s Iggy Shoulder bag. Be aware, this is a bag that only can be instantly adored, but many people still aren’t big fans of it.

Marc Jacobs’s Iggy Shoulder bag is definitely one of a kind creation. It’s pretty hard assimilating it in Jacobs’s line of work, as it’s a unique and special model. Maybe the color plays an important role, as it comes in a unique purple and teal color.
Add to this not regular leather, but a quilted python design and maybe you’ll have a clearer idea.

This brightly colored bag surely must create a strong impression among all the blacks and browns. Marc Jacobs’s Iggy Shoulder bag features, as most bags so lately, a chain handle, maybe too short compared to the size of the bag.
And Jacobs added a little extra to this already opulent bag, and this is the cutest little lock.

Besides the textured leather, and its soft bowling shape, this bag also features an inside zipper pocket, a viscose or silk lining in the inside, a flap with magnetic closure, and, do not forget, the most adorable size: 12"X 8"X4". Marc Jacobs’s Iggy Shoulder bag retails for sale for $1295.