The spring summer season is definitely filled with a lot of interesting choices when it comes to accessories as the most important fashion designers have put their creativity to work and managed to create excitement and build a positive anticipation for for the following season even though the cold season is just beginning.

Marc Jacobs is undoubtedly one of the most popular names in the fashion industry as it manages to set the tone when it comes to fashion trends in every season. In contrast with the luxurious brand, the diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs offers women the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful creations of the famous designer at more affordable price ranges.

Analyzing the choices suggested by the famous designer we can easily spot a strong utilitarian tendency that is expressed in various different ways throughout the collection. Although refinement and elegance tend to be the main tendencies, the items presented tend to be highly versatile and adaptable to various occasions. Keeping details relatively discreet and simple, the designer is gives a classic vibe to the collection making suitable for various different occasions.

Even though the designs tend to follow a common theme and a preference for geometric patterns can be easily spotted throughout the collection, when it comes to handbags there’s no shortage of alternatives as the bags range from classy clutches and handbags to spacious and practical backpacks and totes designed to meet a variety of different needs.

To add edginess and interest details such as chain straps are used intelligently throughout the entire collection for a classy effect that does not come off as too ostentatious. Although bold vibrant colors tend to dominate trough the collection, neutral shades can also be seen sparingly for those prefer to keep accessories discreet. Cross body clutches and handbags are a few interesting highlights of the collection although spacious bags are undoubtedly the main focus of the collection.

Featuring a rather minimalistic design satchels and totes presented in the collection are perfect for women who rank functionality as one of the most crucial aspect that a handbag should meet in order to be considered as suitable. Adequate for day to day semi formal situations, these bags are perfect choices for those who like to be prepared in every situations or who lead an active lifestyle that forces them to carry a lot of their belongings with them.

For those who prefer a more casual sport style or those who truly need all the storage space they can get from a bag the famous designer also created a few interesting choices. For those who love the stripes fashion trend and have a more sporty casual style a fashionable backpack can be a stylish alternative while those who want maximum versatility, space and style might want to go for an oversized bag style that will help them face the daily challenges in an excellent fashion.

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