Ingeniousness, sophistication, luxury and boundless creativity are some of the first words that come to our minds when taking a closer look at the Louis Vuitton spring summer 2011 collection. The superiority of the brand was proven once again as the creative patterns and the ingenious color combinations invariably captured the attention of the audience.

With a solid knowledge when it comes to the desires of modern women as well as an innovative vision that always raises the standards it terms of accessories, the Louis Vuitton brand holds the supremacy when it comes to handbags designs offering various alternatives that manage to satisfy the exquisite tastes of women who want luxury, elegance and modernism.

With over 150 years of experience in the fashion industry, there's no doubt that the brand has one of the biggest influences when it comes to latest handbag trends.

For the spring summer season of 2011, we are able see a great variety of styles that combine elegance and functionality in a variety of different approaches. Clutches with different motifs, inspired by the next season's main fashion trend were perhaps the ones that were on the spotlight the most as they carried a subtle yet powerful vintage allure due to their delicate aspect that inspired femininity and glamor. The modern as well as classic accents can definitely satisfy a wide palette of preferences, offering various alternatives for many different occasions.

The rounded overall shape of the clutches suggests a romantic accent as the sharp, geometric shapes that were a defining feature of classicism were replaced with softer angles, while maintaining the rectangular shape to create a simple yet refined and powerful look If sequins were used to provide the create the impression of luxury when it comes to formal events, for more casual events minimalistic designs and combinations of warm hues that don't come up as too overpowering were preferred.

An interesting aspect of the Louis collection for the warm season of 2011 is that although when it comes to formal occasions a vintage vibe is predominant, when we take a closer at more casual bags the perspectives seem to change to a certain point and the urban spirit is highlighted using classical accents . Although some handbags maintain some of the characteristics of the clutches, others take on a very different approach.

Casual handbags are elegant yet practical being more spacious to be able to suit the needs of the modern women which see handbags as an accessory of prime importance were practicality and style must be properly combined in order to get the meet the expectations. For an edgier and more modern look, chain handler are being used. Although in most cases the color palette remains somewhat conservative, golden accents manage to make the bags stand with their classical but daring style.

Photos by Thierry Chomel via