Have you had the chance to see the Louis Vuitton ‘Small is beautiful’ mini handbags campaign yet? If not, we dare you to look at the new ads and resist being mesmerized. We sure couldn’t. Not only by the fabulous new offerings, but also by the fact that more and more fashion giants are recognizing the influence of fashion bloggers in defining or consolidating what’s hot and what’s not at the moment style-wise. The legendary French label enlisted bloggers Elin Kling, Miroslava Duma and Hanneli Mustaparta to convince us of the big impact small handbags can have.

These handbags are very different from the roomy fall/winter 2012 handbags we previously saw. These are in fact mini versions of the Alba, Monceau and Pochette Accessoires but with a huge adorable vibe attached to them. As for the overall vibe of the campaign, Parisian chicness is definitely the touch that easily stands out. The polished allure is unmatched when it comes to the visual impact and elegance it implies and the three fashionistas proved once again that the privileged position fits them like a glove.

As for the majority of the new handbag versions, the color palette is decidedly spring-oriented though bright and bold tones can work for adding a fab focal point in any season. The well known monogram is still present and if fairly recent offerings are to be taken as reference, such versions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Handbags aside for a moment, the outfits are a great source of inspiration as a whole. Pairing simple yet high impact pieces in the right tones can instantly create the ‘je ne sais quoi’ vibe that made French fashion choices so covetable.

The new ‘Small is beautiful’ campaign sure makes a persuasive case in favor of small bags, but is it enough to convince you? There’s definitely a decent selection and a city chic allure that can be incredibly magnetic but is it enough to make you give up your trusty, practical oversized bag in favor of one that allows you to carry essentials only?

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton