There’s nothing like a good selection of fabulous accessories to make us feel giddy for the new season debut. The countdown has already began and options are starting to pour in. Diversity is key and the big players in the industry sure know how to reflect it in a variety of lust-worthy designs that become strong focal points. Louis Vuitton always sets the tone handbag-wise and the comprehensive fall-winter 2012 collection manages to give us plenty of ideas as far as the hottest new season trends are concerned.

It feels like the summer is reinterpreted and it’s definitely exciting to see the color blocking trend surviving the transition and being translated into modern accessories that instantly raise the bar as far as looking put together. Monochrome options are equally interesting when it comes to adding interest while still maintaining a high dose of versatility. The supremacy of animal prints and exotic skin textures is confirmed for the hundredth time over. A touch of glam is added through a fun textural flower for even more attention grabbing potential.

The checkered pattern is brought back into the spotlight but not in the traditional conspicuous contrasting tone. This time, the contrast is a lot more subtle with only a slight tonal and texture variation. Of course, ladies who like to take fashion risks are not neglected. The label brings sequins into daywear by offering a multitude of roomy handbags to really capture the spotlight. Sure, rocking the look properly might be a bit of challenge, but one that can be extremely fun and glamorous. As far as handbag styles are concerned, the options are very permitting, being almost entirely based on personal need and occasion.

Fans of the label who pride themselves in rocking the label’s creations have the chance of purchasing new options that revolved around the beloved symbols both in the regular way and in the sequined, glamed up version. For quirk loving individuals hair bags with a fun twist are now a reality. Hey, we sure can’t complain about lack of variety in the newest Louis Vuitton handbag collection since it’s one of the reasons the brand has gained so many fans over the years.

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton