Are you a single-minded trendsetter? Then raid the stores for the limited-edition of iconic leather bags created by the oh-so-admired Louis Vuitton atelier. The Louis Vuitton ‘Epi Is Magic’ handbags presented below mirrors the love affair of high street fashion industry with Epi leather. This unique and exquisite material was and is still used to sculpt timeless accessories. Whether it’s about wallets, satchels, handbags or other fashion items, couturiers are fond of experimenting with this type of leather.

Introduced in 1985, this material was used by the LV fashion house to breathe life into the ageless and luxe Tricolore Noe bag. At present, the famous brand decided to pay its tribute to the cult of Epi leather with a sophisticated repertoire of chic shoulder-bags and satchels. If you crave for a positive reaction from style critics and your entourage, be sure to complement your wardrobe with one of these vibrant-colored bags.

 Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton

The fabulous Eden and Petit Noe bags come in a diverse selection of shades. Indigo and orange along with the tricolor combination, these drop-dead-gorgeous accessories should be your top style investments for the warm season. Using Epi leather, the LV couture house succeeded in sculpting both practical and statement bags. Make some room for the amazing Noe satchels which have a history of no less than 70 years. The limited-edition leather pouches in zesty colors inject an artisan flair into your signature outfits. Whatever the weather is, sport your first class LV bag and enjoy the pop of color it gives to your ensembles.

In addition to these classy bag designs, we have the ageless Alma bag also drenched in cacao, grey shades, citron, prune and fuchsia. Each color radiates a unique atmosphere you can boost your mood with during the warm season. Flaunt your trend-awareness by sporting accessories created by the most influential couture houses. LV is one of the fashion forces on the market and can furnish you with a selection of impressive bag designs all created with geometrical precision and creativity.

 Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton

Image courtesy of Louis Vuitton