The Longchamp Legende – the bag to have When it comes to bags, a classic design, a classic fabric and an outstanding signature makes the difference.

Imagine the patent leather, double pockets and svelte handles, and on top of all this, a red lining inside of it – a true legend, the Longchamp Legende patent leather handbag.

Lonchamp Legende Patent Leather Tote

Kate Moss is the image associated with this special design bag. This IT bag not only of this season, but a universal model to have in our wardrobe, the Longchamp Legende patent leather handbags are available in several colors and feature two outer zippered pockets and zipper closure.

Inspired by former visiting doctors’ bags, its dimension is perhaps ideal. It’s large enough to be useful, but not overwhelming in size. As its design is timeless, it can be easily described as the bag to have. This Longchamp Legende patent leather handbag retails from around $900. It’s a simple, but chic accessory, and everyone should have one.

Kate Moss stands as the perfect example for any fashion enthusiast out there, advertising for this roomy, rectangular-shaped, stylish and lustrous leather bag.