Steven Vevers, as the creative director of the glam fashion house Loewe, kissed goodbye to his career at Mulberry and decided to help this small brand to enter the mass-appealing market. The highly acclaimed designer brought his unquestionable skills and experience from earlier collaborations with other great labels to flood the fashion pack with brand new accessories following the style policy envisioned by Loewe. The Loewe spring 2011 bag collection will definitely launch a craze among fashionistas who are lusting after the hottest style items their favorite celebs also popularize. Kylie Minogue, Jessica Alba and also Angelina Jolie were spotted promoting the universally flattering allure of these chic shoulder- and handbags.

The conventional and old time classy anatomies of the new season Loewe bags preserve some of the minimalist vibe that reminds us of the chic Mulberry accessory designs. No doubt, Steven Vevers is still loyal to his fashion fantasy that ties him to refined structures, fine lines and neat tailoring. These professionally inspired bags come in various shapes all radiating urbane glamor and sophistication. Pair your super-polished casual chic outfits with the cutest bags decorated with floral details. The color palette used makes these accessories more playful and true to the eclectic groove of the warm season which will also melt the heart of the fashion pack to spend more on high street designer bags. Dress up your wardrobe with purple, yellow or chic neutral-colored staples that can add a splash of color to your boring weekday look.

Feminine details, immaculate tailoring and expertly matched shades all contribute to the ultra-glamorous aura that surrounds the complete collection. Don’t waste your precious time with accessories that will totally blend into your outfits. As the new generation of shoes, jewelry and last but not least bag designs are meant to arm up your look with an extra glam factor, it is highly recommended to opt for models that can speak for your refined style-consciousness. Make a smashing style statement with these cute boxy bag designs. The crown pieces of the collection are indeed the stylish Amazon bags that come in a rich and eye-pampering color palette. Fuchsia, yellow, black and ivory tones are some of the most prominent hues to play with. Carry all your beauty and style goodies in the large or mini versions of this chic bag.

Image courtesy of Loewe