Starting the hunt for next season’s hottest accessories well informed will help make the new season shopping a whole lot more intense, interesting and efficient. If you’re in the quest for a new handbag to liven up your outfits, the newest collection from Lanvin is certainly worth analyzing a little closer. From seductively cute clutches to luxurious practical touches, the alternatives are certainly inviting. Just because things get a little more subtle doesn’t mean we have to give up any attempt to create a strong style statement.

A bold tone and a few colorful rhinestones placed creatively are enough to capture the spotlight instantly and the label brings a few fabulous examples of how this deceivingly simple element can bring a new sense of excitement to the modern designs. For an edgier touch, black lace and gold combo or metallic tiger head as a main motif are definitely interesting alternatives worth taking into account, especially if you’re looking to stand out.

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Handbags

As we transition towards more functionality orientated pieces we notice that most of the defining touches that made clutches stand out still apply. Bold tones help create that colorful punch that ultimately helps spice up a variety of simple or conservative ensembles. Still, for those who aren’t settling for monochrome options, the right pattern can prove extremely important. This is why the label brings the abstract floral motif along with bold multitoned animal prints for an extra touch of diversity.

From flirty chain bags to practical satchels, finding the right type of accents to highlight your style personality has become easier than ever before. With the right blend of functionality and trendiness, the task of standing out without making any compromise is a whole lot easier. Embrace these fab style directions with the help of eye-catching accessories like these fabulous handbags by the luxury label.

Photo courtesy of Lanvin