Designers who turn their back on color cliches will definitely not be overlooked by those who are eager to sport cheerful and eye-popping outfits. Deborah Lloyd as the creative director of the Kate Spade fashion house indeed managed to make the ’80s blinding color palette more fashionable than ever. For the next season she presented her symphony of shades and contrastive prints that melt into a sole opera blurring the style conventions that force us to restrict autumn chromatic to neutral and earth tones.

The Kate Spade Spring/Summer 2011 handbags inspired by the vibrating atmosphere of the ’80s fuel our style ambition to promote some of the unique yet eerie accessories during the warm season. These are some of the most remarkable pieces to take a look at if you’re eager to get in touch with the rockin’ vision of Kate Spade.

The Kate Spade designer team managed to work magic on the classiest tailoring patterns envisioned by some of the venerated accessory creators as the Chanel fashion house. However this time the chain bags and stylish clutches were dipped into candy color and enhanced with a tint of glamorous radiance which makes them the perfect tools to break out of the box. The classy black printed handbags find their prominent place in the same collection with the neon colored clutches as well as sight-challenging bags thanks to the versatile and one-of-a-kind perspective of Kate Spade who still preserves some hints of the old time class designs.

Precise and feminine detailing meets the punked-up color palette which creates the perfect fusion to offer these accessories a front row position in our closet. Pull off a no messing outfit that would make you rise above the mass and flaunt the real you that isn’t afraid of the intrigued and surprised glimpses. More challenge your friends and admirers to get a profound insight into the world of unlimited chromatic options. Kate Spade for the spring 2011 collection succeeded in lining up a multitude of handbags drenched in attitude from the stylish pink colored classy bags to the New York Times clutch which is one of the promising designs that would definitely catch the eye of accessory junkies thanks to its minimalist and still uber-creative allure.

In spite of the blinding effect of the multitude of neon tinted handbags the designers behind the Kate Spade brand managed to rule out the chance of a kitschy collection that would’ve been righteously scrutinized by the fashion pack. Instead all they deserve is a deep bow as well as standing ovation for testing our ability to cope with the speed of light evolution of style tendencies. These handbags will steal the show when embedded both in grown up monochromatic outfits as well as similarly bold and bright apparels. Spot your favorite pieces and trawl the stores for the latest Kate Spade collection.

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