Built on respect and trust, the Kate Moss and Longchamp collaboration has materialized once again into a stylish and adorable collection for spring/summer 2011. Even from her first creations, the gorgeous British model put all her passion and personal experience into the design process.

Speaking about the main qualities of a bag, Kate Moss said that “for me, a great bag should be comfortable, and it should be light.” Moreover, she added “I also want it to be durable, and for it to actually work as a bag. I find that some bags just hang open all the time, and are completely non-functional.”

The “Faraway” Kate Moss for Longchamp collection features 12 pieces encapsulated into three main lines called “Faraway Chic”, “Faraway on the Road” and “Faraway Exotic.” White, ecru, black, sandy and safari-inspired cream, military khaki, and brown are the main colors used in the new collection. Inside the bags, one can find the “Kate Moss for Longchamp” signature on a leather label.

Impeccably made, the handbags in the other two lines are also the result of Kate’s personal experiences. This is how “Faraway on the Road” was born. A perfect reflection of a spirit of adventure, this line includes beautiful and timeless designs. On the other hand, “Faraway Chic” seems to flawlessly embody the already famous style of this fashion icon. The Longchamp handbags in the Kate Moss collection are mainly made out of leather and canvas. For the flap bag in the chic line, Kate chose a supple calfskin.

Sophie Delafontaine, creative director for Longchamp, says that Kate wants women to enjoy the bags she creates as she would. Speaking about one of the items, the beach bag, in the latest collection, Sophie said that Kate “wanted this to look like a proper straw beach bag – but the traditional straw snags tights or fine fabrics of sarongs and scratches bare legs. So we embossed this fine leather so that it looks like straw from afar – but it won’t do that damage, and of course it will last forever. I don’t think people imagine how involved Kate is or how much thought she gives the details. She’s involved in every decision.”

This is Kate’s third collection for the legendary French label. Jean Cassegrain, managing director at Longchamp, said that Kate Moss was one of the very few persons who corresponded to the profile they were looking for. “We wanted a spokesperson who would not only represent the values of Longchamp, but whom women throughout the world would recognize and identify with. There were very few people who ticked all our boxes. Kate Moss is the archetypal contemporary woman, with an image that in addition is closely linked to fashion.”

Photos courtesy of Longchamp