Carrying your personal belongings in style has never been so exciting! The upcoming months look totally glamorous and alluring if we are to judge by the multitude of accessories that the most important fashion brands have prepared for us. Handbag lovers will be particularly excited to discover the varied approaches adopted for maximum versatility.

The Kara Ross spring 2012 collection is one that is highly focused on modernism with a luxurious touch and the designs clearly reflect such trends. Unlike other collections that reflect a multitude of style motifs and are somewhat diversified, the emphasis on exotic skin textures in alluring tones tends to be the defining characteristic of the collection.

Clutches are a great option offering a fun touch that doesn’t become overpowering and the alternatives found in the collection can definitely fulfill this role with a great equilibrium between contrasting tones, a hip yet fairly versatile color palette and an ultra classy approach in terms of shape. Silver and golden touches are subtly presented and complete the designs in an absolutely perfect manner, maintaining the well defined geometric vibes.

Much of the same style principles apply for some of the more functionality oriented designs. More spacious, equally alluring and ultra fashionable, these handbags can be a wonderful alternative for a variety of occasions. A touch of sheen can be an instant game changer and even in monochrome versions they can still give an ultra sophisticated vibe to an outfit. Shoulder bags are one of the most fuss free options out there and the line focuses mostly on this aspect to ensure maximum comfort.

Photo courtesy of Kara Ross