The Just Cavalli warm season collection is as versatile as the parade of sources Roberto Cavalli drew his inspiration from. Among the most prominent themes included in the blooming weather style fantasy are the signature and edenic atmosphere from Ibiza, Mykonos as well as the Wild West and even Africa. How can all these aspects be fused into a complex and harmonious style opera?

Easily, as the mainstream fashion pack knows no limits in experimentation, especially when it comes to adapting to the voguish and groundbreaking trends launched on the runway. Prints and the bright color palette secure the overwhelming and sight-pleasing effect of the whole collection. Accessories follow the same theme and manage to win an individual essence and prominence in the versatile ensembles. The Just Cavalli Spring 2011 bags are undoubtedly some of the most exotic and luxurious wardrobe staples to include in our revitalized clothing style.

Bleached denim together with the Bohemian chic-inspired embellishments and details all turn the classy accessory designs into unique masterpieces of contemporary fashion. The fusion of creamy and earth hues with the many shades of blue and red will prove to be the ultimate means to attract immediate attention and interest. If you feel like wearing fashion items that speak for themselves and might even catch the eye of all your admirers and aspiring trailblazers, feel free to pierce the stylish handbags and satchels into your signature clothing style. Roberto Cavalli managed to discover the secret of combining traditional patchwork art with the beauty of animal prints and Mediterranean themes. If eclectic is the real deal for you, don’t waste your precious time, instead raid the market for the daring repertoire of Just Cavalli bags 2011.

Whether you’re impressed by the Hippy shake these bags and clutches radiate or would like to stick to the subtle elegance of the snake-skin satchels, the point is to find the accessory that suits your personality and preferences. Roberto Cavalli celebrates the iconic popularity of super-neat silhouettes when it comes to handbags. However, he is also eager to add his personal and signature style stamp to these high street designs. This is when patchwork, fringes and other elegant details step on the stage. Awaken your seductive and nomadic side by embracing some of the outfit ideas presented during the Just Cavalli fashion show. Try to find your way among the myriad of style trends lined up on the catwalk and stick to the ones that suit your styling skills. Don’t forget to crown your luxurious new season outfits with these mesmerizing handbags and clutch designs.

Image courtesy of Roberto Cavalli