Relying on classy, high quality handbags is definitely a wise strategy most of the time, however, making a statement with our accessories is often a desire hidden deep inside us. Encouraging the desire for stand out handbags, narrowing the line between fiction and reality while simultaneously providing a good optical illusion, the Jump From Paper brand is putting a creative spin on the way we are used to see our accessories.

The cartoonish luxury bag copy feeling one gets when first looking at a bag is transformed into a surprise when one discovers that the handbag is actually real and can adjust to your needs just like a regular handbag would. The names selected for the styles are an addition to the fun allure. Divided in three categories, Charmer, Explorer and Roomer, the handbags have fun names like First Date, Bonjour!, Play Harder, Play Hooky, Cheese or iHola.

Made out of polyester, the handbags created by Taiwanese design team Chay Su and Rika Lin have prices between $79 for the Tank bag and $129 for the limited edition Bowling bag. And, despite the fact that most of the handbags might appear to be small and a bit unpractical, the brand promises that these handbags are large enough to fit ‘a tablet, notebook, your everyday accessories and even a laptop’. Furthermore, a zipper bottom expands the bag for extra room.

Jump From Paper Handbag Collection

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