Stocking up on the hottest accessories is absolutely necessary to be able to ace the new season with complete confidence and a much needed feeling of freshness and the most resounding names in the fashion industry have a strong influence in terms of what’s hot and what’s not. Confirming the already popular tendency to focus on bold tones for accessories and taking a few subtle variations to please various types of customers, the John Richmond spring/summer 2012 handbag collection proves a worthwhile source of inspiration for the new season.

On the one hand, the brand focuses greatly on the trends of the moment. However, despite the enthusiasm for the bold, bright tones that define the new season, the designer is strongly focused on practicality and classicism as far as design is concerned. Far from being focused solely on the hot right now allure, the designer chooses plenty of purely functional elements to offset any overly trendy choices that will soon be forgotten in the back of the closet. Thus, the choices tend to appeal to more than one specific type of customer.

A blend of sturdy, durable fabrics and more season appropriate ones adds diversity to the alluring new designs brought to our attention from the brand. However, while most of the designs have fairly conservative style elements, there is also a wonderful temptation to engage in a series of rock ‘n roll vibes which give the line a gorgeous edgy hint. From truly minimalist touches to eye-catching, well placed ‘excesses’, the variations can be surprising yet extremely well placed.

Matte or shiny finishes, practical or bold, the collection features several handbag styles to help women glam up their outfit without giving up functionality. Totes, satchels, shoulder bags or clutches along with chain bags are the main offerings of the brand. In tones such as bold pink, fab orange, soothing yellow or more versatile blue and black tones, creating a strong colorful vibe in a matter of seconds and staying on top of the latest trends is as effortless as it gets.

Photo courtesy of John Richmond