If innovations is what you're looking for when it comes to perfecting your style, you should definitely check out Ines Figaredo's newest handbag collection as the designs are unique and will surely make traffic stop!

Exploring the wonderful world of design, Madrid-born designer Ines Figaredo discovered the beauty or artistic designs and she decided to combine her artistic side with her love for handbags. The designer has managed to transpose her fantasies into an array of gorgeous artistic style handbag designs that attract attention like a magnet and that exude uniqueness in a very distinct manner. The brand's 4 Against 4 handbag collection stands to prove that an innovative approach to style, one that at some point might seem bizarre, doesn't necessarily have to lack elegance and a luxurious allure.

Ms. Figaredo explores the wonderful world of bags as a form of art rather than considering the bag a simple accessory to carry personal belongings in. The avant-garde craftsmanship the designer proved to be quite capable of mastering is juxtaposed with functionality, resulting in a very free-spirited, unique-contemporary vibe collection that is bound to make heads turn and that is surely not dedicated for the faint-hearted.

Outstanding quality fabrics stand at the base of the designs that are then handcrafted completely and given an unbelievable touch of artistry through fittings, jewelry and hand sown trims, all details that really make the designs pop. The 4 Against 4 handbag collection is the designer's third collection and represents the challenge of integration displayed in a very creative manner through an array of textures, finishes and shapes. Metal 'hand' gans featuring pretty polished red nails, shoe-inspired bags, half/violin style bags and other interesting designs dominate the new collection, so browse through the designs and observe the unique manner the elements fuse together to create a perfect, edgy handbag collection.

Ms. Figaredo underlined the unique style of her creations by saying: 'My bags are my best thoughts. They are small rare items, uniquely vivid handcrafted pieces. They are collector´s items that are born to inspire women. Their purpose is to be enjoyed, shared and admired for a lifetime, and then to remain, as heirlooms. Mine is not the concept of luxury that prevails nowadays. My art-bags can be worn with casual clothes, they are meant to encourage women in their desire to stand out, to be unique”

Would you dare to sport one of Ines Figaredo's handbags?

Photos courtesy of Ines Figaredo