Purses are just as vital accessories as shoes, keeping them in the right place following a well-defined system is the only way to preserve their good condition. From leather to suede and other fabrics, all the purses need a special care. It’s not enough to find space where to pack them, you’ll also have to come up with an idea on how to store them so that you can select the perfect one when completing your outfit. The best way to do this is to follow some principles when organizing them.

Don’t be misled by the general conception that hangers will do good to your handbags and purses. The truth is that these will totally distort the initial shape of these if hanged repeatedly. More and more people seem to find this idea a space-saving trick. An uncovered basket or a box that is not will be a better solution to store your bags. However the bottom of the box or the basket should have a fabric coating. This way you’ll avoid any scratching or damage.

It is also essential to keep the shape of purses, tissue paper or other gentle cloths will do miracles with these. If you’ll manage to store them this way, you’ll spare yourself from further headaches.

Those bags that have no closing as a zipper or other lockers might get filled with dust or dirt. The tissue paper or the gentle fabric will keep all the dust away.

It would be a smart idea to take a peek at the purses even though you don’t use all of them. As jewelry and footwear these accessories also need a constant care and maintenance.

Wipe off the extra-dust from these with the help of a micro fiber cloth. The gentle texture of the it will offer the proper protection for purses. Repeat this ritual at least once a week for the dazzling effect.

Place the box or the basket into a spot that is not affected by sunlight. The harmful rays might dry out the leather for example, and could deteriorate the different fabrics. Moreover when exposed to sunlight these might even fade. Find the best place to store your purses either in the closet or on a remote shelf.

The floor is not the best place to put the purse-storing box, since it can soon become a dust catcher and you won’t be able to cleanse it properly. Find a higher shelf or an upper closet. This is the safest and most practical spot to store this basket since you’ll manage to save some extra-space for other things.

If you have a huge selection of bags it is worth organizing them according to the frequency of use. The bags that are rarely used might damage more easily. The advice of professionals is to store the purses you wear on a daily or weekly basis separately from those you wear only for special occasions.

Your luggage or other travel bags are perfect to store the smaller ones that you wear sparsely. This is a handy trick to keep them clean and in good shape away from dust, sun or other harmful effects.