A parade of delightful handbags unravels before our eyes in the newest Gucci fall/winter 2012 collection. The label is definitely focused around versatility and high class and brings a variety of practical options to the spotlight. From the options that are heavily targeted to brand fans and logo lovers, to the more discreet and modern options that tend to work well in a variety of circumstances, the label covers a grand variety of styles with a timeless allure and a strong overall appeal.

Practicality is a strong concern for the label who offers a grand variety of options for those who are looking for a handbag that fits well with busy lifestyles and that can accommodate to everything one needs or might need. From totes, satchels and shoulder bags to clutches, focusing on key focal points and making it all as interesting as possible is one of the key goals of the brand. Those looking for a signature bag will certainly find lots of tempting alternatives to choose from.

Though there are few trends highlighted throughout the collection, it appears that the ubiquitous animal print trend is destined to stay and become a statement of luxury, boldness and sophistication. Matte options or patent leather handbags are all embellished beautifully with metallic elements which amplify the refined vibe of the designs or provide a rock chic vibe we cannot help but love. Chain bags are a particularly interesting option for those looking for simple, modern designs with a youthful touch.

With all the right balance, standing out without sacrificing versatility isn’t as hard as one might think and the grand variety of covetable looks is more than revealing when it comes to proving this principle. Look for classy modern vibes and versatile designs and your efforts to create a functional yet creative wardrobe filled with all the right pieces will definitely help you get closer to your goal.

Photo courtesy of Gucci