A handbag should be a must-have accessory in every woman's wardrobe. Regardless the occasion you need to attend, a bag must be carefully chosen taking into consideration various aspects. The perfect bag should be practical, elegant and stylish. These are the characteristics one can find at the new Givenchy Pandora bags.

We all know the significance of the Pandora's box. Pandora was the first woman on Earth and the box was in reality a jar that had inside all the evils of the world. Even though she was told not to open the jar, Pandora's curiosity made her look inside. Then, all the evils within escaped into the world. Nowadays, opening Pandora's box means creating evil that is impossible to be undone. Well, the new Givenchy Pandora bag has no relation to this myth whatsoever, the only reason for this name is the boxy shape of the bag.

Besides being a mythological character, Pandora is also a musical instrument that translated from English means “Bandura”. When seen from the side, the new Givenchy bag is very similar to that specific instrument, while when it is filled up, it reminds us of the famous Pandora' box. Therefore, we have a mysterious designer handbag, but very beautiful and unique.

Givenchy Pandora Messenger BagsGivenchy Pandora Messenger Bags @Barneys NY

Givenchy Pandora Small Shoulder Bag Givenchy Pandora Small Shoulder Bag @LuisaViaRoma.com

The Pandora seems to be the new “It” bag created by Givenchy, which distinguishes itself due to its rather unusual shape and big size. At first sight, it might look like a common rectangular bag, but when watched closely into profile, you might find its shape rather strange. Its unique design features a front flap pocket and a double top zip fastening, with one zip on each edge. Besides, if you take a closer look to one side you can see it has the look of a backpack without the specific straps. When filled up, the shape of the bag changes completely.

The famous Givenchy Pandora has the characteristics of the perfect bag, meaning versatility, practicality and comfort. Moreover, it can also offer a sophisticated and luxurious touch. Its rolled top handle allows you to wear it over the shoulder or in your hand, while using the cross body strap it can be worn in the comfy messenger style. Both straps are attached to the edge of the bag. As the shoulder strap is removable it makes the bag very useful too. The Pandora proves to be not very versatile and comfortable, but also very practical due to its internal pockets.

Givenchy Pandora Pepe Medium Messenger Bag Givenchy Pandora Pepe Medium Messenger Bag Givenchy Pandora Pepe Medium Messenger Bag Givenchy Pandora Pepe Medium Messenger Bag

The Givenchy Pandora bag comes in so many different, amazing colors, such as green, purple, or red, that it makes it so difficult to choose one. The collection has two sizes of Pandora bags, a smaller one and a medium model made in the unisex style.

The Pandora bag is made in the old pepe style leather, it is fully lined and 100% sheepskin. It has various prints, such as crocodile print, while the crinkled leather gives a special feeling.

For fall 2010 the Givenchy Pandora bag renews its style and the fabrics it is made from. The shape seems more structured and well-defined drawing the attention with its unique design and the beautiful embellishments on the cross body strap. The new collection makes it so hard to resist when seeing these gorgeous models that you can easily transform into the perfect shopping bag.