Gianfranco Ferre was an Italian fashion designer who was known for his talent and dedication to fashion so no wonder his name still dominates the fashion scene. The fashion items signed Gianfranco Ferre look absolutely amazing and have managed to complete the looks of many people including celebrities. The Gianfranco Ferre spring/summer 2011 handbag collection seems to underline the importance of accessories in fashion and we absolutely love each and every one of the handbag designs.

Elegance and modernism seem to be the main characteristics of these lovely Gianfranco Ferre spring/summer 2011 handbags, and these characteristics make the collection stand out. A fabulous handbag can really transform the look of an outfit so no wonder women are constantly renewing their handbag collections.

The architectural style of the handbags enhances their beauty and attracts a generous amount of attention. A very modern yet classic design can be detected and this gives the handbag collection a boost when it comes to style. Boxy handbags featuring different metallic ornaments to glam-up the simplistic shape of the handbags can be admired and they are truly one of a kind.

The crystal applications inserted into the metallic ornaments of the handbags help them receive a much more luxurious style which is perfect for sophisticated as well as simple stylish outfits.

The color white seems to be highly popular this spring/summer 2011 season and this is due to the peaceful, innocent and versatile style of this simple color. White is timeless and can complete a wide pallet of colors so every woman should definitely own a stylish white colored handbag whether a casual or a more elegant design.

A mix of white and snake print will be a powerful combination which will attract a great amount of attention towards a handbag and Gianfranco Ferre managed to combine these amazing colors to receive a stylish casual-chic handbag which will complete most casual-chic outfits.

The clutches which feature different metallic application designs look stunning and can complete the look of a formal outfit perfectly. The simple coloration balances the sophisticated design so that a perfectly stylish handbag is obtained. Do inspire yourself from these stylish handbag collection signed Gianfranco Ferre as these handbags truly underline the importance of a stylish handbag in a woman’s wardrobe!

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