As the name suggests, the latest collection from Furla is sweet as candy and 100% lovable. Well, it’s impossible to resist to all those bright-colored tones and that absolutely adorable, soft design. We know that a handbag is an irreplaceable and indispensable accessory for a woman, which can say so many things about someone’s personality and personal style. With the new Candy Bags from Furla, expressing one’s individuality has never been easier.

Using a special type of PVC and a revolutionary and advanced technology, Furla manages to surprise everyone with their new Candy bags. Both fashionable and slightly unusual, the handbags in this series are cutesy and practical, being the perfect choice for fashionistas who are not afraid to dare.

Their design is undeniably stylish and the bright colors remind us of a fresh, breezy summer day emphasized by the shining transparency of PVC. The production process required not only modern techniques, but also traditional sewing and hand-stitching. The result is a flawless, soft, functional handbag. This is that type of bag that due to its dimensions allows you to put all summer essentials without adding bulk, while the metal locks are not just cool, but also extremely useful.

Furla Candy Bags Spring/Summer 2011

The unique pieces in the Furla Candy spring/summer 2011 collection are probably some of the most eye-catching bags for the upcoming season. Their savoury, captivating colors harmoniously combine with their simple, casual design. Despite a visible youthful and fun touch, these handbags are chic and feminine, appropriate for different occasions, reminding us of the classic Speedy.

As summer screams rainbows, sun, water, green grass, sweet flowers and fruits, don’t be afraid to boost self-confidence choosing a delightful Candy bag. When it comes to the most popular colors for the warm season, the vibrant, exotic ones are predominat.

If you are the bold type of girl, the solid colors in the collection like fuchsia, blue, orange, green or yellow will definitely draw all your attention. Still, be very careful when mixing and matching in order to avoid a clownish, ridiculous overall aspect. On the other hand, if brights are just not your style, the transparent version might be a good option. You can opt for the totally or the semi-transparent variant. Either way, you’ll still choose one of the hottest bags for spring-summer 2011. The Furla Candy bags retail for $280/€200/£175.

Furla Candy Bags Spring/Summer 2011

Photos courtesy of Furla