Extravagance is the name of the game when it comes of the world-wide acclaimed brand Fendi. Both when it comes of complete fashion collections as well as accessories it is considered as one of the most respected and cutting edge companies to envisioned some of the ‘it bags’ of the moment. Thanks to the indisputable talent and imagination of Karl Lagerlfeld Fendi bags and accessories traveled around the world spreading the brand new and ever changing style policy of the brand. Karl Lagerfled claiming his keenness to come up with a unique and visionary collection keeps the evolution of the company alive.

During the spring 2011 show we had the chance to spot the multitude of breezy outfits immortalized by the feminine allure and sex-appeal of the models. Those who wish to dive into the depth of the collection should take a closer look also at the Fendi Spring/Summer 2011 handbags that seem to diverge from the top toe toe logo-ed designs presented in the earlier shows.

Top handle bags were some of the crucial pieces of the complete collection envisioned in various tones from creamy caramel to red and pastel shades. This was indeed one of the safest options to meet the expectations of the fashion armada and design accessories that would definitely serve as some of the most universal pieces to complement both a business chic as well as casual shopping spree outfit.

The refined leather paired with the minuscule still uber-sophisticated details all mirror the fondness of Karl Lagerfeld for the old time fashion design patterns and traditions. With a similar minimalist approach these handbags will enter the party of accessories that would prove to be a fail-safe option for any special or more casual events.

Color blocking is an additional tendency to pay attention to when it comes of the SS 2011 Fendi handbags. It might seem challenging to pierce a similar detail into an already colored outfit however if you wish to perk up your monochromatic or plain outfit it seems to be an A-list solution to earn standing ovation with your versatile and dapper apparel. Indeed Karl Lagerfeld decided to step on a tricky field with his decision to drench these stylish bags into various shades. However no more than 2-3 colors are used to stay inside the limits of classy designs and offer an eye-pleasing impression to the fashion pack.Olive green, brown as well as other shades would provide us with the best means to embrace the latest color trends of the next season. Wear these comfy and faddish accessories when you feel the need of a high class tint to your apparel.

Multi-colored accessories were claimed as big-ticket style pieces for the warm months. Therefore make sure you don’t limit yourself to the plain designs and instead trawl the market for these stylish and colorful Fendi bags enhanced with catchy shades and stylish prints you’ll also find in other prominent collections of SS 2011. These stylish Fendi bags with these streamlined and refined shape and texture would keep your admirers on their toes.