The fall/winter season was marked by a fairly conservative set of options accessories wise. Recession has driven many designer and fashion houses to the tried and tested route that would be more likely to generate sales. It seems, however, that some big names in the industry are trying a bolder approach with the upcoming collections and interesting options emerge as a result. Fendi is one such example as it brings a fairly balanced approach that tackles both safe options and edgier, statement making ones after a relatively toned-down fall/winter 2012 handbag collection.

The pre-spring 2013 collection abounds in a variety of spectacular motifs and designs that can make one instantly forget that the coldest days of the year are slowly approaching. Geometric precision, romantic floral prints, eye-catching tones or unexpected sparkle are just some of the reasons why the new designs are so incredibly irresistible. Matte or patent leather are no longer the only go to options fashionistas can choose between. Complex textural combos are one of the most interesting attributes of the new designs.

Fendi Pre-Spring 2013 Handbags Fendi Pre-Spring 2013 Handbags

Those looking for a fabulous new everyday bag won’t be disappointed either. The label aims to please both those looking for a subtle and uber versatile everyday accessory and also bold tone lovers who appreciate versatility but still crave a pop of color with fabulous options for each. While practical and chic alternatives dominate the collection, the label has not forgotten those in need of a fabulous clutch to complement their evening wear. Geometric accents are the ‘it’ style element that will drive the new season fashion trends.

Fun lovers will certainly appreciate the dazzling new alternatives that scream ‘party’. Intricate details, amazing color contrasts and an irresistible temptation to stop and analyze the designs closer are perhaps the most attractive features of these types of alternatives. Experiment with accessories frequently for an instant fresh touch that is sure to keep style boredom at bay.