It actually looks a little like a Birkin bag, but what Fendi brings up to the scene, nobody does.Fendi Peek A Boo bag is versatile, adjustable, it looks delicate, gorgeous and a lifetime (in fashion) investment.

The Fendi Peek A Boo handbag comes in a variety of colors, including black patent, Linen/Suede; Metallic Grey; Red Leather; Watersnake; and White patent. Of course, it’s ranging in price from $1,930 to $5,740, depending on what version of this bag you may choose.

Fendi Peek-a-Book Bags

This beautiful handbag features a removable shoulder strap; protective metal feet; turn lock closures; and satin lining.It features a dual side design, with both sides opening with a Fendi logo twist clasp.

Many Fendi customers feel that it’s very strange to walk around on the streets with a side hanging open, but obviously Fendi thought of that and put on a turnlock clasp.

Fendi is all about eye-catching prints or colors, and this bag is not an exception.

With a classic and sophisticated design, Fendi Peek A Boo bag is surely a stylish choice when it comes to buying the right accessory.