Exploring and analyzing the amazing visions of some of the most well known fashion designers is without doubt one of the most exciting activity a fashionista can engage in at the beginning of a new season. The surprising color and texture combos, the main interpretations of the season’s fashion trends and a comprehensive selection of true masterpieces to choose from are just a few things that invariably attract our attention this season fashion wise.

The Etro brand uses many of the principles stated above in order to create a one of a kind handbag collection which can delight both those who are looking for an easy way to add an eclectic touch to their style as well as to those who are more interested in classic, versatile pieces that are not only practical but refined too.

A single glimpse at the collection is enough to realize that delightful color combos and complex prints and patterns are the main emphasis of the collection. Even though floral prints might be the buzzword this summer, they are seen only sparingly throughout the collection. Instead, the brand focuses on emphasizing the great diversity of tribal prints that have the power to take our style to the next level.

The use of tribal prints takes many forms throughout the collection in order to satisfy a great variety of preferences. Partial prints and black and white color combos can certainly appeal to those who are not exactly fond of all over prints or to those who have a slightly more conservative view in terms of color. On the other hand, those who are more adventurous when it comes to fashion can certainly find a lot of interesting options through the collection as the color palette is relatively diverse.

Even though vivid colors are the ones that stand out the most, it is important not to neglect the role that more classic handbags play in the collection. Functional and easily adaptable to a wide range of outfits, monochrome handbags can be a quick and easy option for those who prefer not to change handbags too frequently and who need a handbag that supports their active lifestyle. Spacious yet chic, the handbags belonging to this category fulfill a great variety of subjective needs, being a wonderful alternative for those who see handbags as an investment.

Tote bags, shoulder bags and satchels are all suitable choices for those who see functionality as a top priority. Therefore, it is not surprising that the brand has chosen to emphasize these options the most. However, clutches and envelope bags are also included in the collection as they are a wonderful alternative for those who are more inclined to think of this accessory predominantly from an aesthetic point of view.

Since clutches are mainly used as an instant focal point, the use of relatively heavy all over prints is entirely justified. The careful selection of colors that are skillfully combined and the beauty of the motifs chosen ensure that the designs are eye-catching without being over the top. All in all, the spring summer 2011 Etro collection is undoubtedly surprising and delightful from all perspectives.

Photo courtesy of Etro