This season dress to impress by complementing your versatile ensembles with high-street accessories. Trade up your wardrobe with some of the colorful and artsy Etro spring 2012 handbags. Art Deco prints and compositions never go out of style and the highly acclaimed Veronica Etro knows how to incorporate these into fairy-tale ensembles. The greatest inspiration for both apparel ideas and handbags came from the futurist painter, Fortunato Depero, who envisioned the prints which decorate the loveliest frocks from the Etro collection.

The creative director stated that, “Well, we’ve been doing them a long time,[…]Even back in the minimalist nineties!”

The fact that glamorous dresses and very few pant suits are decorated with ultra-complex patterns and images which speak for the prophetic style fantasy of the brand couldn’t stop Veronica Etro from envisioning a voguish set of bags which can glam up a laid back outfit immediately.

Etro Spring 2012 Bags Etro Spring 2012 Bags Etro Spring 2012 Bags

The style godmother also claimed that, “The prints we’ve done are so strong, that you can’t really mix them.” In order to break out of your boring shell, it is still important to experiment with tricky accessory trends. Use your creativity to incorporate these uber-colorful and outstanding style creations into your casual chic and formal look.

We applaud Veronica Etro who succeeds in granting us with a unique visual experience each time a new collection is launched. Watch out for the new wave of shoulder- and handbags drenched into the most sight-pampering shades from purple to blue, yellow, red and neutral hues. These powerful colors guarantee the popularity and wow factor of these accessories. Envelope purses along with multi-tonal totes are included into this gorgeous repertoire of bags.

Hypnotizing fashion operas took over the center stage especially when it comes to the hot season. Those who are familiarized with the activity of the Etro atelier know that there’s something about these one-of-a-kind geometrical and crafty prints which offer us an insight into the design patterns of the upcoming decades.

Etro Spring 2012 Bags Etro Spring 2012 Bags Etro Spring 2012 Bags Etro Spring 2012 Bags Etro Spring 2012 Bags

Image courtesy of Etro