The new year comes with a bold approach and a myriad of covetable options for the Emilio Pucci label. The handbags from the Pucci resort 2013 collection are nothing like the conservative alternatives that have defined the current season. A focus on boldness and a desire to make a strong fashion statement are the key ingredients for a successful set of alternatives that cannot go unnoticed. Abandoning old cliches, the new options are a surprisingly fresh choice worth analyzing a little further.

From fabrics to defining motifs, there’s no uniform perspective to serve as a common denominator. Instead, the label encourages diversity and even a bit of eclecticism as it promotes a variety of fab options with a strong potential to dazzle. If summery totes are somewhat of an expected option, hard case bedazzled clutches are a surprising over the top alternative that is sure to steal the attention of edgy design lovers. A strong statement is definitely a top priority for many fashionistas, so the label does its best to ensure a variety of needs are being met.

Though floral prints weren’t as highly used on the runways as once were, it doesn’t mean that they have fell into oblivion completely. The label revives the trend by putting an abstract spin on things and ensuring print lovers still have relevant alternatives to choose from. From relatively spacious handbags to cute clutches, the brand strives to bring covetable style suggestions for every style need. Dare to play with accessories for an instant change that will keep dreadful style ruts away.

Emilio Pucci Resort 2013 Handbags

Photo courtesy of Emilio Pucci