Elie Saab raises the bar in terms of elegance and sophistication with each and every show. From breathtaking evening gowns to spectacular day outfits, the label sure knows how to put the right spin on elegant touches that impress everyone. Take theElie Saab resort 2013 collection, for example. There are both fab alternatives for versatile elegant looks and several sublime eveningwear alternatives with the power to completely transform a look, so the resort 2013 bags follow a predictably similar concept.

First and foremost, the label offers a multitude of modern and versatile handbags designed to get you through your day to day challenges in style, whether you value as much versatility as possible and go for the investment handbags or crave a pop of color and a more vibrant allure. Shape-wise, there are little surprises and the fabrics are kept in the regular range with mainly matte and patent leather as the default options. No detail is left to chance and the craftsmanship of the label shines through each alternative in the practical department.

Sure, roomy bags might rank highest in the utility range, but when it comes to glamour, the gilded clutches are the first to steal the spotlight. The perceived luxurious allure of gold is unmatched and it seems that the season has opened up the appetite for more similar alternatives that can instantly take a look to a whole new level. From simple and delicate to heavily patterned and edgy, the label offers plenty of great options to meet the most exquisite requirements of the customers.

If the high profile sophistication of gilded clutches doesn’t suit your preferences, fear not: classier and more feminine alternatives are also available and the selection is definitely interesting and highly creative. Colorful chain clutches or beautiful hard case lace clutches are just some examples that are worth taking into account if you’re more inclined towards these types of style alternatives. All in all, the new collection is filled with spectacular options you’ll definitely want to consider if you’re looking for new accessories to perk up your wardrobe.

Photo courtesy of Elie Saab