Counterfeiting is one of the greatest problems in the fashion industry. Hundreds of fake style items pop up on the market on a daily basis. Designers, for the second time say ‘this is it’! See the new selection of eBay x CFDA ‘You Can’t Fake Fashion’ designer bags which illustrate the goal of A-list couturiers to attract the attention to the importance of preserving the reputation of a style brand and atelier. The Council of Fashion Designers in America teamed up with eBay to launch the second round of the world-wide-known campaign. The bag repertoire features no less than 75 designs all envisioned by highly-acclaimed style gurus like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Diane von Furstenberg and Chris Benz. Skim through our review to see other names from the Hall of Fame of the fashion world.

 ebay x CFDA  ebay x CFDA  ebay x CFDA  ebay x CFDA

If you want to support this cause, make sure you purchase one of these chic bag designs on eBay Fashion Fault. The accessories are sold for prices ranging from $45-$200 and offer every fashionista the chance to get hold of a real designer bag. ‘You Can’t Fake Fashion’ is the message you’ll find on almost every pouch design. In addition to the promo phrase, these chic totes are also decorated with floral elements, chic prints and oh-so-voguish top handles.

Each style creation reflects the signature design policy of these amazing couturiers. Alan Marks, eBay’s Senior Vice President of Global Communications revealed that, “We hope broader awareness will help fight counterfeits and the harm they cause, and eBay is proud to partner with CFDA on this thought-provoking campaign.”

Steven Kolb, CFDA Executive Director also added that, “Counterfeits are a critical issue to CFDA, eBay and the fashion industry at large. We’re excited to collaborate on this important campaign to educate consumers on the dangers of counterfeits and emphasize the importance of original design.” The bags will be available starting March 20th on eBay. Offering a pocket-friendly price for these original style items is the secret weapon of the fashion industry to fight against ghost brands selling fake bags.

 ebay x CFDA  ebay x CFDA  ebay x CFDA  ebay x CFDA  ebay x CFDA  ebay x CFDA

The Kate Spade atelier is also one of the chief activists in this campaign. President and Chief Creative Officer of Kate Spade New York, Deborah Lloyd also stated that, “The YOU CAN’T FAKE FASHION campaign is a great effort, allowing all of us to come together and show the public our commitment to original design and combating counterfeits. As much awareness we can raise around the dangers of counterfeits and the harm they cause, the better.”(HauteLiving). There are four tote styles fans can purchase: bucket, gear, satchel and duffle.

What do you think about this amazing campaign?

Image courtesy of eBay x CFDA