Adapting to the new fashion trends is a must-do for any fashion enthusiast. Besides the basic clothing items that help us build up award-winning outfits, we also have to pay special attention to the tiniest details. How do you get the ‘va-va-voom’ effect without over-stuffing your closet with an army of footwear and handbag designs? We might have the answer for your beauty style dilemmas.

Look for wardrobe staples that have a universally flattering quality and can be easily embedded in zillion apparel ideas. The Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily 2011 bags are some of the dazzling style items armed up with the power of adding an extra glam factor to our look. Take a closer glimpse at these flirty and immaculate designs inspired by the elegance of neutral shades together with classy animal prints and ultra-feminine lace details.

The highly acclaimed designers decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved fashion brand with a collection that breaks with the tradition of the blooming weather technicolor trends. All-white apparel ideas complemented with these fairy-tale style handbags trapped the fashion pack into a sparkling summer daze. The stunning outfit repertoire envisioned by these style gurus was inspired by the idea of a hope chest that would arm up a modern bride with all the must have clothing items and accessories to start a new chapter in her life. These top handle bags are turned into modern art works due to the professionally inspired cut out and lace details. The innovative technique is used to combine various textures and fuse them into a breathtaking design. Satchels with golden stripes and decorated with other embellishments will turn out to be some of the it-est accessories of the season.

You’ll also find super-voguish crochet satchels that look simply dazzling when pierced into a semi-formal or romantic party wear. All fashionistas are in a quest for similar accessories that speak for their style-awareness and refined taste for details that can really make a change in their appearance. Dolce & Gabbana is one of the visionary brands providing us with drop-dead-gorgeous handbags that radiate sophistication and elegance without having to diverge from the old time favorite and classy design patterns. Animal printed and lace bags looked never this amazing and will definitely leave all aspiring trailblazers dumbfounded. Although the color palette is restricted to a few base shades, the effect given by the ivory-gold tone combination is as sight-pampering as the one offered by a blindingly colorful parade of accessories.

Image courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana