Donna Karan is one of the masters of understated sexiness. The style godmother was always mesmerized by the elegance and refinement the allblack outfit radiates. The DKNY fall 2012 handbag collection and the cavalcade of ensembles re-elaborate the theme of the Beat Generation and is named by the designer a real “Poetic Rebellion”. Give free way to your cosmopolitan fashionista aspirations and sport these amazing neutral and exotic bag designs during the blooming season.

Glam up your street chic outfit with these gorgeous pouches of different shades and shapes. Join the party of Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs who revolutionized literature. It’s time to rise above standards and explore your wildest fashion fantasies which can be easily complemented with these A-list DKNY accessories.

Hit the streets of New York or any other city with a perfectly polished and modern apparel. Animal prints and leather trims offered an edgy and at the same time ladylike feel to all these style creations. Donna Karan decided to limit herself to the use of dark colors when it comes to ensembles. However, the fall handbag collection lines up a set of flirty bags tinted with light pink, fiery red and brown shades. Furthermore, we also have a repertoire of amazing leather bags and evening bags adorned with leopard and zebra prints.

 DKNY Fall 2012 Bags  DKNY Fall 2012 Bags  DKNY Fall 2012 Bags  DKNY Fall 2012 Bags  DKNY Fall 2012 Bags

Select your favorite DKNY bag for the rainy season depending on your signature style. See the cutest Shoppers in different shades to complement your wardrobe with a few carry-all bag designs. On the other hand, you can also choose from a sophisticated range of leather shoulder bags with top handle or crossbody bags which look amazing in all black and refined creamy tones. These suit-all handbags will earn overwhelming popularity in the fashion capitals of the world.

‘It’ girls who are already familiarized with the signature design patterns and minimalist style vision of Donna Karan know that a similar accessory should be their most important fashion investment for the cold months. The laureate designer is ready to spread her manifesto in which she pays tribute to the ultimate reign and luxurious look of neutral shades and refined silhouettes. There are no unexpected twists in this collection, however, it still managed to wow style critics and the world of the rich and famous.

 DKNY Fall 2012 Bags  DKNY Fall 2012 Bags  DKNY Fall 2012 Bags  DKNY Fall 2012 Bags  DKNY Fall 2012 Bags  DKNY Fall 2012 Bags

Image courtesy of DKNY