Changes might occur in the fashion policy as well as creative perspective of a designer if he/she enters a collaboration. This can be also identified in the latest SS 2011 collection of Diane von Furstenberg who decided to share her passion for this world-wide-known brand with Yvan Mispelaere.

The main inspiration for the colorful and crowd-pleasing outfit parade, was Isadora Duncan one of the most visionary dancers who offered a memorable show in Paris a performance both of the designer attended. Energy as well as the joy for life and other emotions sneaked into the classy realm created by Diane von Furstenberg bringing a tint of cosmopolitan vibe into the whole style opera.

Those who would like to enjoy the pleasure of sporting some of the most inspiring and authentic accessories of the next season should take a glimpse at the Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2011 handbag collection which promotes the use of out-of-this-world geometric prints as well as electric and vibrating shades to make us look and feel more appealing than ever.

Diane von Furstenberg Sprign 2011 Bags Diane von Furstenberg Sprign 2011 Bags

Class meets cutting edge modernism in the spring handbags signed Diane von Furstenberg. Indeed the fabulous and revolutionary collaboration of the two admired designers brought to life a more universal and bold collection of accessories. These appealed to the use of bright tones as blue and pink paired with the traditional and all time winner neutrals as brown and white.

The fabulous and unique print designs flooded the runway with their overwhelming and pretty eerie allure. Those who are fond of printed bags that are perfect for various events and make a dream impression with their sophisticated silhouette and refined detailing, should skim through the wide selection of Diane von Furstenberg bags from the high street collection of the next season.

Diane von Furstenberg Sprign 2011 Bags Diane von Furstenberg Sprign 2011 Bags Diane von Furstenberg Sprign 2011 Bags Diane von Furstenberg Sprign 2011 Bags

The large carry-all totes were also decorated with the trademark prints would also serve the practical function which further fuels the utilitarian chic-style perspective the two designers proposed for the modern woman. Matching these stylish bags with office as well as casual chic apparels is the ultimate solution to honor our reputation as a cosmo style puss who knows very well what it takes to make a remarkable impression on her entourage. Sky blue, tobacco brown as well as yellow were some of the dominatrix tones that ruled the complete collection making it surprisingly pleasant for the eye. The collection indeed includes stylish totes and handbags with the must have chain strap as well as clutches that would foretell the leading trend of the streamlined evening clutches and accessories.

Diane von Furstenberg Sprign 2011 Bags Diane von Furstenberg Sprign 2011 Bags

The sophisticated sense of the fashion gurus was visible through the eye of tailoring patterns. In spite of the fact that silhouettes still bore the same high class-fondness of Diane von Furstenberg we could get used to throughout the year, innovation was made indeed in the use of the hypnotizing prints as well as chromatic selection both in the case of totes as well as clutches. Bold tones paired with the dynamism the complete line radiates no wonder the collection earned the title for one of the most discussed and admired show of the season.

Photo by Nathan Kraxberger via