No matter how many interesting fashion choices we have at the moment, we cannot help but wonder what the future brings when it comes to trends, whether we are talking about evening gowns, jewelry, shoes or bags. We’ve seen displays of boundless creativity in the resort 2013 collection and we could only hope the accessories presented follow a similar pattern and, at least when it comes to Diane von Furstenberg handbags, we can easily conclude we weren’t wrong in assuming so.

The label offers a wide selection of practical yet eye-catching ensembles which blend modern vibes with functionality, two characteristics that are almost enough to place them on top of the must-have accessories list immediately. The label makes playing it safe a wonderful characteristic to pursue since it comprises enough visual interest to capture the interest of most fashionistas while still offering a variety of possibilities as far as mixing and matching is concerned.

Well placed color punches, abstract motifs, modern vibes, practical, roomy designs to give you an extra dose of style while also fitting your lifestyle perfectly are just some of the elements that make the handbags ultra covetable and incredibly tempting. Whether you are on the quest for a signature bag or you are looking for a fun way to bring your outfits to the next level. Satchels, flirty shoulder bags or elegant and whimsical clutches are just some of the fun possibilities offered.

Despite the focus on abstract details, the brand doesn’t let go of interesting and classy textures such as exotic skin textures. The added textural touch beautifully completes the simple yet ultra alluring designs that aim to capture our interest in the near future. The bags of the collection have a strong ability of being both bold and discreet without putting an unwanted conspicuous touch on an outfit. The options manage to be attractive enough to please the fashionista who wants it all: flexibly, modern vibes and refinement in each design selected, making the collection a worthwhile starting point in your upcoming style quests.

Photo courtesy of Diane von Furstenberg