Derek Lam is one of the versatile and also fabulously predictable designers of our times. His trademark design techniques as well as fabric use would make fashionista sigh. For the SS 2011 collection he decided to elaborate a real fantasy on the theme of 70s glamor which is one of the dominating sources of inspirations also for other acclaimed fashion gurus as well.

The sensuous wide-legged pants fused with the fine texture of denim all would create the impression of utilitarian meets dainty refinement. The summer days for Derek Lam are honored with a complete repertoire of stylish coats and rompers as well as denim suits and floating dresses in all white or decorated with various animal prints.

The Derek Lam spring/summer 2011 handbags were envisioned in the same atmosphere and would make us wonder how these professionally inspired and glamorously tailored accessories can be so universal as to fit both the relaxed and more casual outfits as well as semi-formal and even ceremonial apparels. However Derek Lam succeeded in creating a fabulous parade of super-flattering totes and shoulder bags that can be righteously called the dream buys of the season.

It’s not a novelty that shoulder bags managed to toss off the top position the stylish totes for the SS 2011 season. Derek Lam joins the parry of designers who paid their tribute to the high street allure of these cute and practical accessories. The jewelry pieces of the complete Derek Lam handbag collection was indeed the chartreuse suede bag complemented with the trademark ram’s head detail as well as the extra voguish white croc leather. Indeed the various handbags shared the same boxy structure with a tint of feminine vibe especially when it comes of color and fabric options. If you wish to establish a special relationship with their wardrobe staples should definitely purchase one of these dapper handbags that would definitely melt your heart on the spot.

Python was also one of the most prominent motifs used to breathe life into the unique Derek Lam accessories sketches. Those who wish to stick to the classy prints and designs will have the chance to stick to the classy shades of brown and cement, Whereas others might long for some novelty in their apparel. In this case the extra-glam boost would be provided by the bleached python shoulder bags that are oh-so-pampering for the sight. Try your hand also at complementing your outfits with the classy suede totes embellished with the ram’s head detail which would definitely give away the expertly matched details as well as immaculate tailoring as the signature marks of Derek Lam’s fashion policy.

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