Are you ready to have some fun creating your own bag that reflects your personality and lifestyle? Oh, but we’re so eager to try this! With Tous by You it’s so easy to get the bag of your dreams. The new ultra-customized service delivered by the famous brand suggests the design that suits you the most and it is elaborated by hand especially for you.

Shapes, colors and details… It’s your turn to put your creativity to the test and mix and match! How does it work? Well, the bag is yours in 3 easy steps! So, you can create the bag most suited to you by first connecting to Facebook or Instagram, or design it from the very beginning. Next, you have the possibility to change the size of the bag, choose the color of the leather and decide whether you want to close it with the Tous bear or the plaque. Finally, print out the code of your bag and take it to a Tous shop or on the brand’s e-shop to order it.

Lovely or sophisticated, there are one thousand bags for one thousand moods and moments. You can find inspiration in a gallery filled with other girls’ designs. Or, you can always make your own! The Tous creative team of craftsmen will treat each bag as a truly unique piece. They will cut each one of the leathers making up the bag and paint the edges with a brush.

Tous craftsmen will follow a totally handcrafted process, pampering every detail, so that the products prove to be 100% faithful to who you are. The result? A super fab arm candy to complete your combos!

Tous Customized Bags Tous By AlbaTous Customized Bags Tous By Shanae

The Tous by You service is very flexible and easy to use, and it will allow the brand to customize the seven parts of the bag with different types of leathers and a wide range of colors. The application analyzes whether you are introverted or extroverted, a daytime or an evening person, if you like fashion, and an endless list of other characteristics. You will receive a proposal for a design in accordance with your character and if you are not satisfied, you can always change it and adapt it to suit your preferences and so obtain the very best results. Three famous fashion bloggers, Dulceida, b a r t a b a c and Lovely Pepa, have already created their favourite customized bags. Three unique, hand-crafted bags, each one with a different design and completely suited to the personalities of these top bloggers. 

Tous Customized Bags Tous By FabiolaTous Customized Bags Tous By Mila

Tous Customized Bags Tous By SandraTous Customized Bags Tous By Stephanie

Photos: Tous