Designer handbags are practically synonym with fine taste, luxury, sophistication and glamor. An accessory that can become an instant fashion statement as well as a status symbol, designer handbags are one of the most coveted accessories, especially when created by resounding names from the fashion industry. The spring summer 2011 collection from Christian Louboutin is certainly one that manages to raise a lot of interest as it has a myriad of impressive elements that are hard to be compared with similar ones from other collections of this sort.

Elegance and sophistication seem to be the focus concern of the designer who concentrates mainly on creating lust-worthy clutches that have modern, classical or even romantic touches, depending on the desired look. Exotic skin chain clutches are a fabulous example of a timeless accessory that spells out luxury and that also highlights one of the hottest fashion trends of this season: the animal print. A fabulous choice for those who would like to add an interesting touch to their outfits without risking embarrassing faux pas, this option is an ideal one.

Studs seem to be another style element that is well emphasized throughout the collection. Used as a main style element, with an obvious punk influence, or in a more discreet manner, just enough to create interest, studs are even used for elegant evening clutches with an outstanding result. The balance between vibrant colors with neutral ones is another element that heightens the diversity of the designs even more. The breath-taking texture combinations and the wonderful contrast created are additional proofs of the creative genius of the designers.

Analyzing more elegant clutches, which are better suited for evening gowns, we are able to see a complete change in terms of main style elements. Harsh, striking details are left aside, being replaced with a sense of classic elegance that is taken to the next level with a series of romantic accents such as bows, ruffles and even sculptural flowers. Asymmetric designs manage to bring a touch of modernism as well, however the color palette and the color combos available, all indicate a preference for sophistication in a classic, timeless manner.

More casual handbag styles are also part of the collection. Spacious and practical, these handbags are created to be versatile yet extremely fashionable being the perfect blend between functionality and style. Among the main fashion trends worth mentioning are stripes, checkered patterns and tassels. Ombre colors are also being used in order to create interest. Buckles, zippers and chains are other elements that add sophistication to the designs. The vibrant colors used and the cute motifs that can be noticed in various designs are wonderful visual cues that highlight the summerish vibe of the collection.

Photo Courtesy of Christian Louboutin