You won’t find blinding shades and out-of-this-world patterns in the collections of Chloe. Undoubtedly she is one of the few designers who wish to furnish the style-conscious public with extremely wearable and sight-pleasing outfit that suit all events. Practical paired with classy fine lines and feminine textures is echoed also in the Chloe Spring/Summer 2011 handbags.

In the aura of refined simplicity the famous and beloved designer lined up a multitude of leather bags and clutches. Leather was the dominating material used to enhance the accessories with old time sophistication. The daytime clutch is one of the signature moves of Chloe flooding the runway with softened and candy shades and pure perfectionist shapes and silhouettes.

Chloe Spring Summer 2011 bags Chloe Spring 2011 bag collection

The ingenious structural details included top zippers, top handles as well as wristlet straps that reveals how these bags adapted to the latest fashion trends when it comes of accessories. Those who are familiar with the style history of Chloe know that minimalism in this case is more than offering bags that would carry all our beauty essentials. In fact the clutches and handbags all blend into the overall atmosphere crated by the sensuous angles and lines of the complete silhouette and apparels.

During the show these style items are embedded into romantic and also office chic appropriate outfits. You’ll find shades as red, black as well as pure white and other pastel tones that all pamper our vision rather than stirring up some intrigue.

Chloe Spring Summer 2011 bags Chloe Spring Summer 2011 bags

It seems that Chloe still wanted to mesmerize and imprison the public in this harmonious and crowd-pleasing style fantasy. She undoubtedly succeeded it with the presence of two over-beaded bags that look flamboyant and fairy-tale like when embedded in complete outfits as well as presented on their own.

The precise pattern as well as the refinement of the tiniest details all make these accessories some of the most spectacular accessory design of the next season. As the jewelry pieces of the complete collection these would definitely earn Chloe the designer of the moment title.

Chloe Spring Summer 2011 bags Chloe Spring Summer 2011 bags

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