Karl Lagerfeld has the secret of ultimate extravaganza and knows how to sweep the fashion armada off its feet with a fairy-tale scenario and a dazzling parade of ensembles. For the resort collection the style maestro decided to choose the Hôtel du Cap-Eden Roc in Antibes as the ideal setting to host a glam couture fashion show on the French Riviera.

Karl Lagerfeld also revealed that, “This hotel is flawlessly kept, and there is a different dress code here. One has to dress to match the yachts. It cannot be sloppy,[…]But I didn’t want to do anything retro. People have never had as much money here as they do at the moment, and this is about how to spend your money but spend it in style.”

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Being at the most expensive hotel of the world and witnessing the latest fashion opera of this visionary fashion godfather, we have to admit that he offered a once in a lifetime experience to style critics and celebs. The versatility of the Chanel Cruise 2012 handbags mirrors the ultimate objective of KL, which is as he said, the “job to challenge”. The diversity of the collection lies in the fusion of daytime and evening clutches instead of opting for the oh-so-popular tweed totes or the 2.55 shoulder bags.

Those who are fond of the modern and glam allure these accessories radiate will have the chance to choose from a large selection of handbags tinted with the help of a sight-pampering chromatic palette. From brights to signature navy and black, these shades will serve as the best means to add a sunny kiss to your wardrobe. Prints were ruled out in order to preserve the neat and ultra-refined aspect of the clutches. However, these monochromatic bags proved to be the best details to inject high class into the colorful and versatile outfits.

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