See the amazing Chanel Boy Bag spring/summer 2012 collection immortalized by the style godfather Karl Lagerfeld. Alice Dellal, the Punk queen was granted with the role of the protagonist in this glam campaign. The dazzling contrast between the ultra-modern look of the A-list 24-year-old catwalk model and trash metal drummer and the sophisticated luxe of these accessories guarantees the popularity of this collection. The images are oozing cosmopolitan femininity with a tint of edgy glamor. Distressed fishnets, flirty bows, statement jewelries and voguish hair accessories give a classy vibe to these provocative ensembles.

Chanel is the ultimate cult brand everyone would like to wear both for casual and formal events. The Kaiser definitely surprised millions with his decision to ask Alice Dellal to promote the new wave of Chanel Boy bags. However, it seems that the fashion industry and aspiring ‘it’ girls are ready for a revolution. Using refined French furniture designs like baroque dressers and vintage sofas would secure the perfect atmosphere for a similar unique photoshoot. A spokesman for Chanel revealed that, “Alice Dellal represents the perfect incarnation of all that is unique about the Boy Chanel handbag collection, which strives [to be] far from conformist notions of femininity.”(DailyMail)

 Chanel Boy Bag Spring/Summer 2012 Collection  Chanel Boy Bag Spring Summer 2012 Collection  Chanel Boy Bag Spring Summer 2012 Collection  Chanel Boy Bag Spring Summer 2012 Collection Chanel Boy Bag Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

The spring Boy Bag collection is inspired by boxy and geometric design patterns often spotted in men’s fashion. Metallic hardware along with the oh-so-faddish chain-link and strap and the iconic Chanel quilting are only some of the most impressive details to keep an eye on. The chromatic palette is equally versatile and includes pastel tones and chic neutrals. Explore the dazzling range of accessories which could perk up your wardrobe in the blink of an eye.

Pay special attention to the way you select the statement elements of your apparel. If you want to blend into the crowd make sure you don’t crown your outfits with sophisticated Chanel handbags. However, if you’re not afraid of the admiring looks, these chic pouches will grant you with a unique style experience. Take a closer look at the professionally-inspired and precise details, color options and quilting patterns which inject a haute couture flair into these bags. Discover the essence of perfect accessorizing and complement your signature wardrobe with the latest Chanel Boy Bag designs.

Chanel Boy Bag SpringSummer 2012 Collection Chanel Boy Bag Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Image courtesy of Chanel