It’s never easy to decide whether you should invest in timeless designs or go for the hottest item of the season when it comes to luxury accessories like designer handbags. The Celine spring 2012 handbag collection is aimed to look at both of the alternatives and let the customers decide for themselves.

Sturdy fabrics, timeless prints that exude luxury, well defined structures and a high emphasis on functionality are definitely attractive options for those who tend to view fashion rather conservatively or prefer a great blend of functionality and style. Exotic skin prints, well defined color contrasts and high quality leather are perhaps the most important attributes that set apart bags from this category.

Roomy, exciting and eye-catching without being excessively conspicuous, the handbags come in a variety of shapes and sizes: totes, shoulder bags, shopping bag-like and many others to be able to fulfill all sorts of needs. With a multitude of styles to choose from, focusing on timeless style cues will seem anything but restrictive.

On the trendier side, we are able to find the color blocking trend which translates into vivid tones that attract attention instantly. Although not necessarily a rule, the size becomes less important as trends become to be more clearly reflected. Clutches are definitely designed on this principle, even though a touch of minimalism can be sensed in most of the handbags presented.

Photo courtesy of Celine