Keeping accessories up to date is by far the easiest way to change up your look without making major changes in your clothing budget. Handbags are a good area to focus on as they are both a necessity and an important style statement. The Carpisa spring 2012 handbag collection is focused on delivering as much diversity as possible and as a result it takes inspiration from four of the most influential cities in fashion: London, Paris, Barcelona and Dubai.

With such a fabulous source of creative insight, the collection is rife with predictably classy designs with a fabulous set of prints and style elements that remind us of the fab choices these incredibly stylish cities easily provide. Color blocking for the fashionistas with an eye for attention grabbing designs that still maintain a classy allure, delicate prints for artsy types who like handbags with an eclectic vibe or pieces that complete an outfit without being eye-popping are all exciting alternatives worth exploring.

Geometric designs are the classiest option most of the time and the same is true for the current Carpisa collection which features many practical yet fashionable alternatives that can prove your ticket to a more polished allure instantly. Since the majority of the handbags are shoulder bags, these styles will pretty much prove hassle free, an important perk for those who value practicality and have fairly hectic schedules. Since the Italian brand is offering both faux and genuine leather designs, the options are fairly generous.

Textually speaking, the quilited, pantent leather handbags are the ones that stand out the most. Denim inspired designs come as a close second providing a youthful vibe among the multitude of classical designs with a modern twist. If you’ve ever wished to have items inspired by the most style-charged places of the moment, the newest Carpisa collection is sure worth considering for your new season shopping session regardless of your dominant style perspective.

Photo courtesy of Carpisa