Modern, colorful and uber refined. The new handbag collection from Carolina Herrera will put any worries regarding style boredom aside. See some of the best alternatives the label offers for the fall 2012 season.

Lots of fun options lay ahead of us in the upcoming months. Minimalism lovers and practicality oriented shoppers have always appreciated the style perspective brought by Carolina Herrera and once again, the label doesn't disappoint, managing to provide a variety of lust-worthy designs to feast our eyes on. Still, don't confuse simplicity with plainness. The newest offerings enable you to make a series of powerful fashion statements.

The fall season understandably comes with darker, more versatile color palettes. Still, there's no reason not to spice things up with a few color punches. The label endorses bold red, hot pink, turquoise, mustard yellow, purple, camel or brown for spicing things up a bit. Practical and fabulous. The two notions merge in the vast majority of the designs. Chain bags have a distinguishable modern and sexy allure, which is why they are constantly reinterpreted each season.

Totes, satchels, clutches or shoulder bags...whatever your preferred style is, the label has plenty of designs and interesting variations to meet your preferences. The styles are pretty straight-forward with only a few textural touches for a more fun effect. The quilt texture and the horizontal all-across zipper are perhaps the most noticeable variations for those looking for a few classy touches for added visual interest. Gold touches are definitely a strong style element for the new season.

Fun loving fashionistas with an eye for gorgeous designs which can go with a variety of outfits will definitely see the enormous potential the new season offerings possess. Whether you're looking for eye-popping alternatives or practical touches, the newest collection abounds in ultra covetable ideas that wow instantly. Fight boredom with the right accessories that instantly take your look to the next level and you'll be rewarded with a stunningly simple way of standing out from the crowd instantly.

Photo courtesy of Carolina Herrera