Dress up with the hottest outfits of the season and top the look with a gorgeous handbag design that will make you look like a million bucks. Handbags can make all the difference between a simple and super fabulous outfit, so no wonder women are willing to spend big bucks on the perfect bag. One of the fashion labels that manages to grab women’s attention is the world renowned house Bulgari, and the brand’s upcoming spring 2012 handbag collection is definitely worth all of your attention.

The collection comes from a variety of inspirations taking you on a wonderful transition from casual to all glam designs with a soft vintage vibe that helps install good mood. The lovely range of handbags can most definitely complete the wardrobe of even the most pretentious client, so take a peek at the new handbag collection signed Bulgari for spring 2012.

The bags exude luxury through design, details and fabrics used, and this helps the bags create a distinctive character that draws attention like a magnet. From leather bags to luxurious fabric totes and glitzy glam clutches, Bulgari has it all, the bags that will make you look hot from day to evening.

Snakeskin prints and patent leather crocodile skin as well as glitzy glam black sequined clutches are definitely the elegant items that are not to miss from your spring bag collection, and Bulgari has created the perfect timeless designs to choose from. As far as casual styles go, Bulgari has placed a heavy accent on nudes as well on cool colors such as green, purple and mustard, monochrome hues that attract attention to the flawless details featured by each piece individually. Make the best out of your outfit by gearing up with the perfect bag and Bulgari’s new spring 2012 bag collection is definitely a perfect muse to draw inspiration from!

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