Creating fabulous outfits is greatly dependent on selecting the right accessories. The new season comes with a variety of choices in all aspects but for many women, handbags are taking the spotlight since they are necessary and fashionable at the same time. The Be & D handbag collection for the rainy season is focused both on the needs for practicality and the needs for style choices that will set them apart from the norm. In the quest for the perfect handbag it’s worth taking a look at the new offerings presented.

A variety of gorgeous clutches first capture the spotlight. The inclination towards classiness and sophistication is instantly noticeable. The exotic skin textures, the animal prints provide a modern trendy allure that is instantly lovable. The black and gold combos aim to win the heart of fashion lovers once again with the rock chic allure which still stays well in the lines of refinement and classiness that recommends it as an investment piece.

Golden vibes are an important part of the collection and are reflected differently throughout the collection. From studs to discreet lines, the tone is seen as the perfect way to add a bit of contrast without altering the look excessively. Chain bags are also a highly prevalent style being extremely elegant and glamorous. The high accent on geometry and symmetry are also a strong part of the overall appeal of the looks. If you’re on the lookout for trendy alternatives with good staying power, the options presented are certainly a good starting point since they combine a myriad of interesting desirable characteristics in every design.

Photo courtesy of Be & D