Wild times lie ahead of us. The fall/winter 2012-2013 season will confirm the supremacy of gorgeous and classy accessories, mainly handbags. It’s hard to match the instant visual appeal such prints have in defining an outfit which is why Bally, along with various other labels is making the most of the beloved pattern and includes it heavily in the newest handbag collection. Modern vibes are the main focus of the label and the well defined handbag shapes are perhaps the strongest indicator of this style direction.

Since things tend to go towards the subtle and versatile, a pop of color is greatly beneficial in order to avoid boredom. The ubiquitous exotic skin texture is once again reinterpreted into practical and luxurious pieces that set the tone of any outfit. Keeping things simple is thus recommended to avoid falling into the other extreme and risk being tacky. Still, small metallic elements complement the styles nicely in addition to sustaining that luxurious vibe we crave which is why they’re used fairly frequently.

Among the tones you might want to consider if you’re interested in trendiness there are dark green, fuchsia, intense red, soothing dark blue or brown. If you’re print averse or you are simply looking for maximum versatility, the label can meet this need through the various monochrome designs which stay well in line with this good goal. Another more controversial item in the collection is the fur bag which definitely raises a lot of thought-provoking views among many shoppers. Still, faux or real, fur continues to be a trendy addition for the cold months of the year. Style-wise, the options are well diversified however, which means choosing your favorite handbag type is highly encouraged.

Photo courtesy of Bally