Accessories have always been a perfect way to personalize and complete the look of an outfit, and for the modern women, Baguerra created the perfect accessory, a definite must have for the 21 century fashionistas, the Vectory clutch. Excitements runs high when we take a peek at the Baguera’s spring/summer 2012 Vectory clutches as they take a totally unique path to style through the innovative, amazing construction pattern. The bags ooze personality and uniqueness, making them definite show-stoppers, details that have the power to instantly complete and transform the look of an outfit, taking it from simple to fabulous with the snap of a finger!

Bags are no longer a way to carry your personal belongings, but a necessity when it comes to fashion, but what’s so special about these bags? Well, apart from the gorgeous, high-fashion coloration, the detail that makes the clutches scream attention is the multi-faceted design that appears to coat a regular clutch just like an armor. The clutches created using pleather, acrylic and metal can bring that extra dose of hotness to any outfit, so no wonder that they’ve caused a stir the minute they were introduced to the fashion scene by its creators.

The simplicity of clutch bags we used to know until now has been erased and it was given a boost of sophistication through the use of the sophisticated multi-faceted structure. The strong lines of the Baguera Vectory clutches are also enhanced by the trendy, vivacious style of the color palette chosen, characteristic that yet again underlines the modern, youthful style of the accessories. The bags come in five distinct and ultra fashionable hues, lime, cobalt, fuchsia, mirror (metallic silver) and tricolor, a mix of navy blue, fuchsia and bright yellow, so you can have the perfect bag to match your outfit.

The bags retail for €70 each, except for the tricolor Vector clutch which is a bit more expensive and retails for €100, so if you’re ready dress-to-impress, add one of these fine bags to your handbag collection and flaunt it proudly for everyone to see whenever you have the chance!

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