Handbags are no longer considered only complementary pieces of our outfit. Instead these style items managed to achieve an individual status when it comes of making a fashion statement.

Handbag designers from all over the world aim to turn this domain into a spectacular and inspiring realm enriched by the unique tailoring designs as well as print and fabric use. Anya Hindmarch is not only the lady who launched the ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ craze among eco-friendly style fans but also an appreciated and prolific designer who decided to provide women with the most voguish and comfortable clutches and totes from the market worth of considering when it comes of completing both a casual as well as formal chic apparel.

The Anya Hindmarch Fall 2010 handbags take a more classy turn this season echoing some glam elements of the 1930s Hollywood era as well as the fabulous Art Deco movement that conquered both Europe and other continents.

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Shoulder Bags

Anya Hindmarch is keen to expand the palette of fabrics she used during her design projects. Leather and silk are some of the favorite options however she is also eager to work also with lame, cashmere and python. The size as well as the unique shapes of these shoulder bags make these accessories charming and eye-catching. If you are fond of the versatile bags you might think of arming up your wardrobe with the latest Anya Hindmarch creations that come in a rich color palette from violet to black as well as mushroom and also burgundy. These base tones are further enhanced by the decoration and tiny refined details these bag designs adopt. Store your beauty essentials in these stylish carry-alls that would definitely fulfill your style cravings.


Top Handle Bags

Top handle bags are the real deal when it comes of staying versed with the latest accessory trends. The runway is indeed flooded with the trademark creations of great fashion gurus. Indeed it seems that Anya Hindmarch was also mesmerized by the classy and lady-like structure and visual effect of these box bags.

The top handles complete the overall look of the bags and preserve the fine line and angled look of these designs.In order to make a long-term style investment make sure you experiment with the stylish Carker bags that are named as the ultimate favorite design of both celebs as well as the designer herself. You’ll find these practical and at the same time show-stopping top handle bags in various shades.



Complete your stylish ceremonial and red carpet look with a fabulous and sparkling Anya Hindmarch clutch. The Fall collections lines up a wide array of glamorous designs with beads as well as classy tailoring in some of the most heartwarming shades. Pair these stylish accessories to your suit, dresses or evening gowns.

The standing ovation won’t be missing after flashing your spectacular outfit topped with a similar clutch. Choose from the various shapes and sizes according to your preferences and the overall effect of your look. Valorie, Saffron as well as Marano are some of the top choices also of celebs when preparing for a special event as a gala or award show.

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The ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ tote collection is not the only memorable fashion initiative of the designers. Indeed as one of the most versatile accessory gurus she is also keen to furnish the public with uber-practical designs that serve as the best means to dress up our casual chic outfit. These stylish market and decorated totes are made of canvas. These would indeed fulfill the need of the public for eco-friendly still stylish bags that would carry all the style and beauty essentials without difficulties. Opt for these pocket- and environment-friendly designs for a dual experiences of staying chic and preserving the spotless condition of nature.

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