The summer breeze brought a brand new vision for the great pretender Alexander Wang who decided to break out of the box with his latest SS 2011 collection. Besides saying goodbye to one of the dominatrix tone of his earlier collections, black, he also decided to step onto the magical field of prints which would definitely leave the public breathless.

The new year as well as the arrival of the warm months deserve an immaculate perspective that sweeps under the carpet the moody and eerie allure dark and profound shades radiate. Pastels as well as creamy tones and pure and blinding white took over the throne leading us into an until this moment unknown realm created by Wang.

The Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2011 handbags are undoubtedly variations on the same theme as these preserve the signature shapes and silhouette that characterize the creative plan of the ingenious fashion guru however the breakthrough comes in the chromatic structure which includes white, a tint of black is still maintained as well as copper, gray and also the multitude of all these fused into the flashy prints. Honor the next season with a similar high class accessory!

Alexander Wang sprign summer 2011 bags A Wang Bags for spring 2011

With the tone scheme changed even the Alexander Wang fans can take a deep breathe and enjoy the relaxed and breezy collection further complemented with the presence of the fabulous handbags that vary in shape, color and even style ranging from the sporty chic to casual as well as red carpet designs.

The new world order envisioned by the successful designer prides itself with a unique and purist underlayer which would prove the fact that fans can be kept on their toes from one season to the other if a fashion guru is eager to evolve and intrigue them with fabulous new perspectives. The low key allure these handbags emanate is indeed one of the best means to fuel the popularity of the Spring 2011 minimalist style trend.

Alexander Wang Spring 2011 Handbags

Box bags were presented in their utmost beauty switching things up a bit and adding a more casual meets high street chic vibe to the complete collection. Those who are familiarized with the Wangian style policy will have the thrill to sport similar bags styles to the earlier lines in a lighter and more vision-pleasing shades. Black is no longer the royal hue in the opera of Alexander Wang instead he decides to suppress the subtle melancholy of this classy shade with the revival of the more illuminating palette armed up with cream, gray, green as well as white and other light tones.

Alexander Wang 2011 Spring Box Bags Alexander Wang 2011 Spring Bags

Alexander Wang aimed to break the ice with his brand new collection not that it would have been necessary as he already managed to win the heart of a rising community who is eager to explore the often eerie and profound world and style vision of the A-list designer. However it seems that the secret weapon to self-perfection and evolution in general is to keep things in a constant movement. He stated with enthusiasm that: “Light, optimistic, pale colors, dropping hems down to the floor, my first real prints. It’s even romantic.”. Looking forward to see the fabulous results of this Wangian metamorphosis.

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